Here at Holy Family School we have a full computer lab to be used at the teachers discretion.

All of the computers here at Holy Family have Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional. All computers in the building are used daily at the teacher’s discretion.

Smart Boards

We currently have eight SmartBoards in the building. Five of them are movable and the other three are wall mounted. A smart board is an interactive white board; we hook up a computer to the smartboard and project an image on the board. After it is setup the smart board is able to control the computer with the touch of your fingers across the board.


The Internet is constantly monitored for security threats and inappropriate websites. This service is powered by a Sonicwall Unified Threat Management Appliance with the Content Filtering Service added. This service allows the students to only access the websites that are safe for them to see.

Also on every computer in the building we have Symantec Endpoint Protection for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.


In the past year the Diocese of Harrisburg started a combined effort with Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) to offer Internet and many other services on a Wide Area Network (WAN).

This is a current list of the services offered:

  1. Integrate the latest educational technologies in order to provide a greater breadth and depth to the existing educational program
  2. Meet the individual educational needs of all students
  3. Internet 2
  4. PAIU Net
  5. Discovery Education
  6. Video Conferencing Capabilities

Discovery Education

Discovery Education allows teachers to show students videos and segments of that video on any topic that is discussed in class. In the coming months your children will be given access to watch videos on Discovery Education from home. We will keep you posted when that time comes.